Large Party Information

Group Offers and Private Dining:

At Hana we offer private dining to accommodate all of your special events! Whether you want to plan a business meeting, birthday party, wedding shower, baby shower, holiday party or anything else we would love to work together to plan your function. Our private dining room equipped with a projector and seating for up to 40 people is sure to make you feel comfortable and special. Management would love to help you customize a final group menu and details and decorations for your event! For more large party information please give us a call (518)452-4262.

Our hibachi tables comfortably sit eight people to each side. On weekends and busy nights one or two extra chairs can be added. Two tables together can accommodate up to 20 people.

On weekdays you may buy out your hibachi table so no other parties are seated next to you for an additional service charge. *please note that the restaurant reserves the right to say no to your request for any reason such as multiple reservations that night and the space being needed*. For reservations of 16 or more we require a $100 deposit to hold the space for you. This deposit can either be refunded to you or go towards your bill. We offer a private room to accommodate parties with 10-13 people. Please let us know when making a group reservation if you would like to inquire about this room! No additional room fee. We do have a back room with 4 hibachi tables that can accommodate parties of 20 or more. This room also has a projector which is perfect for work meetings, group projects ect since the tables are pretty much set in a square!

If a party would like to arrive after 7:00 PM on weekdays, after 8:30 PM on weekends then the room can be reserved for the rest of the night. Exceptions can be made to this during slower periods, please ask about specific days.Reservations can be made up to six months in advance.

The menu can be either our normal menu, or one of the party packages listed below. For lunch parties or other special circumstances please contact a manager to customize something for your event.

You do have the option to rent out our back room for any occasion. *You do not have to order Hibachi to rent this room!* If you would like us to cater your event we have three group dining dinner menus and room/food packages. If you would like to provide your own catering we will work together to discuss a base room fee.

Lunch Party Packages

Lunch Hibachi Package

$23.00 per person (Include Tax + Tip)
Minimum of 8 people

Lunch Dining Package

$20.00 per person (Include Tax + Tip)
Minimum of 6 people

School for kids

Special Package for Schools Kids (Under Age 12)

$19.00 per person (Include Tax + Tip) Minimum of 8 people

Special Package for Ualbany

$32.00 per person (Include Tax + Tip)
Minimum of 8 people

Party Packages for Hibachi grill
Minimum of 16 people

Package A

$39.00 per person (Include Tax + 18% gratuity)

Package B

$59.00 per person (Include Tax + 18% gratuity)

Package C

$79.00 per person (Include Tax + 18% gratuity)

Party Packages for Dining Table
Minimum of 8 people

Package D

$34.00 per person (Include Tax + 18% gratuity)

Package E

$54.00 per person (Include Tax + 18% gratuity)

Hana Catering Menu

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